About Us

About UsOur family moved to Door County over 20 years ago and have loved living, working and playing here.  Several years ago, after raising our son, I launched a small business which proved to be successful but was physically demanding. Since I was moving into a calmer time of life I began looking for a change.  It was during that time my husband brought me an idea that I fell in love with and Door County Lavender and Lemon, LLC was born.

I have always had a passion for growing and cooking with my own fresh herbs, and my favorite herbs have long been lavender and lemon verbena.  I love experimenting with herbs in recipes, making tea with them and just walking by them, crushing the leaves and enjoying the wonderful scents.  After doing extensive research I found the world of lavender and began growing both lavender and lemon verbena on a grander scale.

One of my other loves is homemade soap.  I really enjoy all the wonderful scents and the way it moisturizes my skin.  I was looking for a way to combine these two loves so I decided to make goat milk soap with the herbs I grow and found a wonderful way to enjoy two things I love every day.  I started making samples, sharing with friends to see what they thought, and received an overwhelming response.  Next the room/linen sprays were born providing another way to enjoy these fragrances, which were also met with great enthusiasm.

My husband enjoys photography and since this was somewhat his idea I really wanted to incorporate what he enjoys into this adventure.  He takes lovely pictures of our garden and some of those have become our blank note cards.

We love what we do and want to share our products with you, hoping they bring calm and peace and remind you of a relaxing and refreshing time you may have spent in Door County.